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Kids would Love this Loay Beach in Bohol

Tourists visiting Bohol in the Philippines most probably would spend beach time in the white sand beaches of Panglao island. Even locals would agree that Panglao offers one of the best beaches in the country. However, the province of Bohol, being surrounded by seas, has a lot of beach choices depending on a group or a family's preference. For local families bringing kids on a swimming outing, the beach resorts in Loay town would usually come to mind.

Hinawanan Beach Resort, Loay, Bohol

Last March, my family and I visited Hinawanan Beach Resort in the town of Loay. Since I was bringing my two-year old child, and my father who suffered from stroke two months earlier wanted to try sand therapy for his paralyzed leg, the beach in Loay was the best choice. Hinawanan Beach Resort is just one of the resorts in a cove a few kilometers before the town center of Loay if you are coming from Tagbilaran City.

View of Palo Beach Resort, adjacent to Hinawanan

We chose Hinawanan Beach Resort because there is no entrance fee in Hinawanan compared to Palo Beach Resort. Cottages cost 250 pesos for the big ones and 150 pesos for the smaller ones. Since it wasn't yet the start of the summer season, we were the only people there and some foreign ladies also enjoying the beach. Lots of families would flock this area during the summer season so better come early in order to get one of the limited number of cottages. However, camping is also an option.

There are no restaurants nearby but food supplies could be bought from the town center of Loay like fresh sea food and lechon manok (grilled chicken) and other food and drinks. We bought my favorite "tulingan" fish (skipjack tuna) that day and grilled it in the resort, and another variety of fish for "kinilaw". We also brought from pork dishes back home and of course the homemade "puso" rice (hanging rice). There is, however, a "sari-sari" inside the resort for things that you might forget like vinegar, soy sauce, cola, etc.

Exposed sandbar even during high tide

The shallow part of this Loay beach stretches more or less a kilometer out to the ocean. Even during the high tide, you would have to walk far out to sea to really reach the part where the water is at your neck. During the low tide, you would have to walk farther. This beach area is really good for kids. My toddler son just walked, swam and played on the beach without me worrying. The sand may not be white but it was fine that I was not worried at all to let my son walk barefoot.

Playtime with his uncle and friends
When we brought our son to the beach in Pagudpod, he was so afraid with the big waves. He didn't like the beach at all and just wanted to stay in the pool in one resort there. But in Loay, he was loving every minute of our time there, I had a hard time getting him out of the water when it was time to go home.

My son, enjoying kicking the small waves with his uncle and friends far out to sea.

Loay beach is a must-try in Bohol especially if you have kids with you. They would love it. 

Hinawanan Beach Resort and its adjacent resorts are just along the highway if you're coming from Tagbilaran City going to Loboc River. Resorts with accommodations or for-rent houses are also available in Loay. One of them is Loay beach house for rent either daily, weekly or monthly. Good for a big family or group of friends. Click HERE to check it out.

For other information about Loay, visit the town's website.

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