Friday, June 8, 2012

Pan De Cielo Bakeshop

A new bakery opened recently along P. Sanchez street, Sta. Mesa, Manila just across Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. We have seen it for quite some time now when we go to work. We were intrigued of what they have advertised outside...toasted siopao. Now, that's new to us!

I finally had the chance to drop by the store, and ordered toasted siopao.

It was still hot when they serve it making me wish to have some coffee, but since it was already evening, I passed on the coffee and just enjoyed the delicious asado with egg inside a toasted bread. Yummy! Truly, a bread from heaven, so their tagline says.

 I ordered a dozen more for my family at home to try.

The bakery also served other kinds of menu. Maybe one of these days, I could drop by again and try their Kinalas, or perhaps drop by one time on the way to the office and buy some hot pandesal. Too bad that when I asked the lady at the counter if they have other branches, she said there was none.

 So if you want to try hot toasted siopao, drop by one time at Pan de Cielo.


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