Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beating the Summer Heat at Bosay Resort Antipolo

We had a family outing last May 18 at Bosay Resort in Antipolo City, Rizal. We chose the place for its accessibility from Manila City, and we’re kind of intrigue with the storm wave pool and Olympic pool that we have seen on the resort’s website. We went on a Friday in order to avoid the influx of people during the weekend.

We rented two vans to accommodate us all. One van costs 4,000 pesos. We left Sampaloc area around 7:00 AM. We didn’t meet any heavy traffic at that time as the driver knew his way around the city to avoid the morning rush. In no time, we were already in Marcos Highway opting to take Sumulong Highway to avoid the traffic in Ortigas Extension Avenue. We arrived at Bosay Resort around 8:30 AM.

There was a long line of people in the registration area so we thought the resort would be crowded that day. Turned out that the resort was big enough to accommodate a big number of visitors. The entrance of the resort already showcases nice landscape, making one excited what the other parts of the resort could offer. We started getting pictures while waiting for two of our family members getting us registered.

Unfortunately, the entrance/registration area is located uphill, together with the storm wave pool, hotel and some cottages. The disco pool, Olympic pool and other cottages are found one level downhill. While the rest of the pools like the therapy pool and kiddie pools with slides are two levels downhill. Good thing the vehicles can enter and ample parking area is provided. Our cottage was on the last level and there was a parking area near it. We were near the pool with slides and other kiddie pools but we need to walk uphill to reach the Olympic pool and the Storm Wave pool. For younger people, it was OK, but I don’t think older people would like to walk uphill just to reach those pools.

A Tree Cottage
The Storm Wave Pool
One of the rules though in the resort is that only proper swimming attire can be worn in the Olympic and Storm Wave pool. At first, we were contented swimming in the other pools with depths ranging from 2 feet to 10 feet. But came noon, when there was already a lot of people in the lower area, the water of the pools wasn’t that clean anymore. People were crowding the pools. We decided to swim in the Olympic pool and Storm Wave pool which have only a fewer number of people. Since only the women had swimming attires to wear, the men had to buy cycling shorts from the resort 150 pesos each. So for people going to Bosay, I suggest bringing the proper swimming attire.

One of the Kiddie Pools
Going Uphill
We rented a family cottage worth 1500 pesos. There were lots of comfort rooms /bathrooms in the area, and one bathroom was near our cottage which was a good thing. Since we had little kids and babies with us, we also rented a room with A/C where they could sleep when tired. Rooms in Bosay cost 2000 to 3500 pesos. The room that was assigned to us was just a few steps from our cottage.

The Olympic Pool
The Bosay's Hotel
The downside was that there were lots of flies that we had to cover all our food throughout the day. The resort management should do something about it. Also, all family cottages had ‘videoke’ machines and it started to really getting noisy by noon as guests from other cottages near us started belting songs simultaneously. We decided not to add to the noise pollution and didn’t bother the machine in our cottage. If you are looking forward to a relaxing time in Bosay, I suggest you chose a cottage away from cottages with ‘videoke’ machines. At that time, the cottages on the first and second level were empty, one could find peace and quiet.

What I like about Bosay though is its ambiance, with good landscape, lots of trees around throughout the area, and garbage bins strategically located. Their staffs are friendly and accommodating as well. Would definitely come back to this place, but definitely not on holidays and weekends since a lot of people seemed to like this place as well.

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