Saturday, February 23, 2013

Arrival in Roxas City and Lunch at Zabroso

Zabroso Branch in Gaisano Market Place, Roxas City

This trip was my second time in Panay Island. I have been to Iloilo twice before but this will be my first time to visit the other provinces of Panay (Capiz and Aklan in particular).

My entry point from Manila is the domestic airport in Roxas City, Capiz. My husband (Jener), who explored Guimaras and Iloilo City a day before, would take the bus from Iloilo City to Roxas City and meet me there.

My plane arrived on schedule at 11AM. From the airport, I walked to the national highway and hailed a tricycle there going to Gaisano mall. It was a 5-minute walk for me, but if you detest walking, you could ride a tricycle outside the airport gate going to your preferred destination. Minimum asking price though is 70php, but I think you can haggle. But if you’re on a budget trip like me, hailing a tricycle in the highway is the best option. Minimum fare is 8php. It’s like jeepneys in Manila. You could flag tricycles down even if they already have passengers as long as there is still an available space.

When I arrived in Roxas City, Jener’s bus was still in Passi City. So, I roamed around Gaisano mall looking for souvenirs (ref magnets as usual). It also started to drizzle so I waited for it to stop. After a while, when I couldn’t find any souvenir shop in the mall, I hailed a tricycle going to the city hall. Next to the city hall is the cathedral and in front of the cathedral is the Balay Capiznon, where tourists could buy souvenirs. Unfortunately, it was closed at that time so my hopes of finding a good souvenir went down. I decided to walk to the market area. I passed by the Capiz Bridge and saw how clean and beautiful the river is, with flowers growing along the river banks. It was a nice spot to see compared to the rivers in Manila. 

The Capiz Bridge

Roxas City is almost the same as Tagbilaran City in Bohol. It was clean, and everything seemed to be near each other, making everything very accessible, and with friendly locals answering my curious questions. Failing to see any souvenirs at the market, I continued my walk to Gaisano Market Place. (Roxas City has two Gaisanos.) My husband have arrived already at Ceres Bus Terminal in Roxas and I told him to take a tricycle and meet me at Gaisano.

We met past 12 noon and now our adventure together as husband and wife Panay would begin! We had lunch first. It was a choice between the Manukan restaurant across Gaisano and the Zabroso Pizza and Pasta restaurant inside the mall. We chose the latter since we were more intrigued with their White Pizza and Chicago Pizza. 

We ordered their value meal of one slice of pizza and pasta worth 79php with drinks. We paid an additional 30php since I chose the Chicago Pizza. 

Pasta with Chicago Pizza

Pasta with White Pizza

Zabroso didn’t fail us with its big slices of pizza and delicious pasta. We were surprised to see how Chicago Pizza was oozing with vegetables and meat fillings once cut. Having lunch at Zabroso then was definitely a good choice!

Chicago Pizza Fillings

Yummy Pasta

After lunch we decided to visit first Pan-ay town and roam around the city in the afternoon. This is to avoid failing to catch the last jeepney trip from Pan-ay back to Roxas City. 

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